How efficient is the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine?

During material processing and production operations, in order to meet product production requirements, different materials need to be cut into certain specifications so that they can be used in the next production process. Therefore, in these production and processing industries, it is necessary to pay attention to the cutting equipment Selection situation, the selection of cutting equipment directly affects the processing quality of the material. If the selected equipment product does not meet the specified standards, it will not achieve the desired application effect. Therefore, the demand for fiber laser cutting equipment has been increasing in recent years, and the fiber The application of laser cutting equipment provides more convenient conditions for the development of the industry.

T Series Pipe sheet integrated fiber laser cutting machine

The cutting efficiency method of fiber laser cutting machine:


1. Adopting common edge cutting layout: not only greatly reduces the stroke of the laser cutting machine, but also saves cutting consumables. Only one perforation is used to complete the continuous cutting of multiple parts, which improves production efficiency and saves more materials. .


2. Using oxygen assist gas: The principle of laser cutting sheet metal is to use a high-energy laser beam to melt the surface of the sheet metal to achieve the cutting effect. If the oxygen assist gas is used, it can increase the oxidation of the processed sheet metal to reach a molten state, thereby improving the cutting efficiency.


3. Adopting the programming mode of bridging and continuous cutting of parts: The programming method pays more attention to improving the cutting speed and cutting efficiency. This kind of programming mode cannot be achieved by traditional cutting methods. Through special computer software drawing, the cutting paths of multiple parts are connected together, so that when the laser cutting machine is working, the entire steel plate can be cut with only one hole.


The use of fiber laser cutting machine to produce and process materials can also achieve higher stability. The production technology used in the current fiber laser cutting equipment is very advanced and reliable, which not only makes the application status of fiber laser cutting equipment better, but also makes the equipment It is more stable when processing materials, not easily affected by the environment, and can reach higher production standards.


High operating efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine


Now the functions of fiber laser cutting machine are more abundant, which can provide more convenient conditions for the development of production work and make production work easier and more convenient.


Fiber laser cutting machines are used more and more widely in industrial production because of their remarkable characteristics such as high precision, fast speed, and high cost performance. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machines also have their incomparable cutting efficiency. Therefore, my country’s laser cutting equipment continues to rise, the laser cutting machine industry continues to be in a period of rapid development, and laser equipment has become an advantageous industry.


Post time: Aug-25-2020

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