How to avoid the reduction of fiber laser cutting machine processing performance?

Laser cutting machine used for a long time, processing performance will be reduced, cutting speed is slower, cutting accuracy effect is worse. So what are we going to do if that happens? First of all, for the situation, we have to find out the cause of the performance degradation, the following Bloor to give you a brief analysis.

In general, different laser cutting machine manufacturers produce different performance of laser cutting equipment, mainly because of different configuration structure, as well as different processing processes, etc. , can not exclude the impact of external factors. The main reason for the performance degradation is the long-term wear and tear of components. If maintenance is not carried out for a long time, the problem is very obvious. So how can we avoid the reduction of fiber laser cutting machine processing performance?

First of all, the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine will affect the processing performance laser cutting machine processing time for a long time, many parts will have wear, so it will inevitably affect the performance of processing equipment, but the laser cutting machine has a lot of more sophisticated core components, especially optics must be used, wipe clean, maintain the finish of optical components, so as not to affect the next use. There are also equipment in all parts of the bearings should also be regularly oiled, to maintain the flexibility of driving and processing accuracy. Second, avoid the effects of strong vibration equipment. In the process of processing, to avoid the influence of external vibration equipment, the obvious jitter on the ground will have a great impact on the precision machinery and equipment processing accuracy.


Fiber laser cutter

Lens maintenance: After the machine has been in operation for a period of time, the lenses are glued to the surface due to the working environment, which reduces the reflectivity of the reflective lenses and the light transmission of the lens, which ultimately affects the working power of the laser. Maintenance method is to use skimmed cotton ethanol gently along the clockwise direction to wipe the lens surface, wipe off dust.

Clean up the moving parts of the fiber laser cutter so that the machine can maintain excellent working condition, as follows:

1, put a little lubricant on the screw, including the laser tube mount and the first mirror on the screw, can facilitate maintenance when disassembling. Caution: Do not add lubricant to synchronous belts, chains, tracheas, motors, sensors and lenses, wires.

2, the machine can not be placed items, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the machine.

3, with cotton cloth to clean the metal tankers, metal shafts, sliders and linear rails on the dust and foreign bodies, and then fill the lubricant, and carry out air-to-air reciprocating motion. Laser cutting machine processing performance is the most important or with the laser cutting machine manufacturers also have a certain relationship, and the price of laser cutting machine is very expensive, if often do not carry out maintenance, the loss to enterprises is very large, through the above methods, not only can maintain the performance of laser cutting machine, but also extend the life of laser equipment.

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Post time: Apr-16-2021

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