How to judge the quality of laser cutting machine correctly?

During production and processing, a good sheet laser cutting machine can produce very good production results. Therefore, when understanding the purchase content of this product, it is also very important to purchase products of higher quality. I hope that every purchaser can consider it well and analyze the problem better.

First, observe the cutting situation

When understanding the actual quality content of the laser cutting machine, friends should observe the roughness of the surface after the product is cut. In addition, the size of the slag on the product cut is also very important. It is also necessary to realize that the verticality and angle of the cutting edge have also become the content that needs to be considered and cannot be ignored.


Secondly, master the parameters of cutting

When considering the content of product quality judgment, in the process of using the product, the corner size of the cutting edge, the drag after the stripe, and the flatness should be well grasped. Only the parameters of each part are very standard. Yes, after meeting the corresponding requirements, the actual product quality will be better.

Therefore, when paying attention to the product quality content of laser cutting machines, friends should make relevant judgments from multiple angles. Only after these diversified content are well considered, the final answer can be very ideal. I hope that everyone who needs it will master it carefully.

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Post time: Jan-07-2022

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