Influence of temperature environment on fiber laser cutting machine

We all know that no matter what it is, normal use requires certain environmental conditions. As a kind of machine tool equipment, laser cutting machine has certain temperature conditions to operate normally.


Generally speaking, the key component of CNC machinery is the CNC system, and its working environment is generally between 5 degrees and 70 degrees. In this temperature range, high temperature has less impact on the laser cutting machine than low temperature, and the temperature is too low, which is easy to cause trachea. and cable breaks, air leaks and contact failures!

For the drive of the laser cutting machine, the temperature has little effect, because the laser cutting machine rarely uses liquid lubricants, so there will be no freezing, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature. But no matter what, if there are conditions, it is better to ensure that the temperature of the workshop is above 0 degrees, and it should not be too low, because long-term low temperature operation will easily cause excessive mechanical wear and premature aging!

However, it should also be noted that the temperature should not be too high when using the laser cutting machine, because it will affect the controllability of the numerical control system, causing problems such as crash and slow response. Therefore, it is necessary to make the laser cutting machine play a normal cutting effect and cutting quality. It is still very important to maintain a proper temperature, which will also prolong the service life of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, operators must pay more attention to this aspect.

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Post time: Feb-21-2022

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