Metal laser cutting machine is moving towards high power era

In 2015, the 6000W metal laser cutting machine came out. At that time, the market application was still dominated by medium power below 3000W. In just a few years, the power of the metal laser cutting machine has jumped from 6000W and 8000W to 10kW and 12kW, which once seemed far away. The era of 10,000-watt cutting has come.


With the emergence of 10,000-watt laser cutting machines, the thickness of material cutting is constantly being broken, and the metal processing market with a thickness of 30mm or more is opened. It is foreseeable that with the successive introduction of 12kW and 15kW fiber laser cutting machines, the thickness limit of material cutting will continue to be broken.


Buluoer Laser’s new generation of 12000w laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutting product aimed at large-scale production, improving processing efficiency, and reducing single product costs.


2. What are the precautions for using the newly purchased laser cutting machine

After purchasing a new Shandong laser cutting machine, users are particularly concerned about how to better use this equipment. So we are here to explain to you how to better use Shandong laser cutting machine.

1. Acceptance: Check whether the product is the product you purchased, check whether the product is damaged during transportation, and confirm whether all parts are complete and whether there is damage. If there is any transportation damage, laser cutting machine model inconsistency, missing parts, etc., please contact after-sales service in time.

2. Placement and installation requirements of the laser cutting machine: The equipment should be installed in a dry, well-ventilated, ambient temperature between +4℃ and +33℃; in order to ensure good cutting quality, keep it away from vibration; the ground on which the equipment is placed should be flat , The height difference of the bed, optical fiber device and other parts cannot exceed 10mm.

3. Professional after-sales engineer training: After-sales engineers will explain to you the professional knowledge of equipment installation, parameter adjustment, daily maintenance and maintenance, so that you can better use laser cutting. If you have specific questions, you can consult after-sales engineers.


3,Winter laser cutting machine antifreeze guide

Every year when the severe cold arrives, we enter the coldest time of the year, and the temperature in most parts of the country has basically dropped below zero. People need to put on clothes to protect against the cold, and Shandong metal laser cutting machine is no exception. Anti-freezing measures are essential in winter. In order to avoid damage to the laser cutting machine due to freezing in the cold winter, we must prevent the equipment from freezing.

Today, let’s talk about specific antifreeze methods. The basic principle of the antifreeze of the laser cutting machine is to make the coolant in the laser cutting machine not reach the “freezing point”. The following is the specific antifreeze method.

Method 1: Keep the water cooler running when the laser cutting machine stops working

After the laser cutting machine is not working, ensure that the power supply will not be cut off (power failure), do not turn off the water cooler. Keep the cooling liquid in a circulating state, and at the same time, the normal temperature can be adjusted to about 10°C. In this way, the coolant temperature cannot reach the freezing point, so the laser cutting machine will not be damaged.

Method 2: Drain the coolant in the laser cutting machine

Drain the coolant in the various parts of the equipment through the water outlet of the laser cutting machine to ensure that there is no coolant in the entire water circulation cooling system, so that the laser cutting machine will not be damaged by low temperature.

Method 3: Add antifreeze

Cars running on the road in winter will replace the antifreeze used in winter, and antifreeze can also be added to the equipment.

But be sure to choose a big brand of antifreeze, otherwise the antifreeze contains impurities, and it will cause damage to the equipment if it adheres to the pipeline of the laser and other components. Antifreeze can not replace purified water or ionized water as perennial use, and must be replaced in time after winter has passed.


Post time: Jan-28-2021

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