Sheet laser cutting machine operation training and knowledge you need to know

After customers buy a sheet laser cutting machine, they don’t understand the structure and operation of the equipment. Therefore, the sheet laser cutting machine manufacturers will conduct operation training and knowledge explanation. Below we will briefly share the content of the training for everyone.


Laser cutting machine operation training and what you need to know include the following points;

  1. The theoretical knowledge of the equipment and the understanding of the processing principle of the equipment is very important. The operator will conduct a certain theoretical assessment before performing the actual operation later, so as to avoid operating errors due to unfamiliar basic knowledge.
  2. Common problems in the operation of the equipment. The laser cutting machine is the same as other mechanical equipment. It is inevitable that there will be some minor problems in the operation. Therefore, in addition to training some theoretical knowledge, it is also necessary to conduct some training on operating skills and common problem solving.

3. The range of equipment processing materials, laser cutting machines have different processing parameters for different metal materials, so it is also essential to set the parameters corresponding to different thicknesses and types of metal materials.

4. Equipment operating software, proficiency in laser cutting machine operating software is also an indispensable skill.

5. Equipment maintenance method. The laser cutting machine has been used for a long time, and it must be mastered to maintain it, which has a great impact on the service life and performance of the equipment.

Although these are relatively simple laser cutting machine training, they are very important for the normal operation of the equipment in the future. We hope that customers can urge the operators to study carefully so that they can better operate the laser cutting machine.

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Post time: Jan-07-2022

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