Successful debugging of Anhui Huaibei fiber laser cutting machine

Recently, an Anhui Huaibei customer ordered a fiber laser cutting machine from our company. The model of the laser cutting machine ordered this time is CE-6025. This cutting machine has an effective cutting width of 2500mm and an effective cutting length of 6000mm. It adopts a dedicated laser control system. , Laser processing is a non-contact flexible processing, which is not affected by the shape of the work piece and can process any graphics.


During the transportation of the laser cutting machine, the technicians from our company who coordinated the installation and commissioning outside the company rushed to the customer site in Huaibei, Anhui, and will complete equipment commissioning, training, and final stage equipment acceptance for the demand-side customers.


First, after technician Zhai arrived at the customer site, he placed the metal laser cutting machine in place according to the customer's plant planning and working conditions; then, with the cooperation of the on-site workers, the host and auxiliary equipment were installed. After the installation work is completed , Technician Zhai first explained the equipment operation precautions, safety instructions, etc., and prepared to start the test machine.

During the test machine, Master Zhai has been paying attention to the operation of the on-site equipment; after working for a period of time, technician Zhai and the person in charge of the site checked the cutting parts together. The person in charge of the fiber laser cutting machine praised the work efficiency, processing accuracy and cutting surface of the fiber laser cutting machine. Constantly speaking.

During the installation process, technician Zhai explained the structure, principle, work precautions, etc. of the components to the on-site operators; after the acceptance, with the cooperation of the person in charge of the site, technician Zhai gave systematic training to the operators present , Including content: laser cutting machine repair and maintenance, programming, equipment auxiliary functions and so on.

As a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, we implement "nanny" services to customers. We not only send technicians to the customer's site to guide installation, debugging and training; at the same time, we can also accept demand-side personnel to learn and operate in our company.

Post time: Aug-23-2021

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