The trick skill of use Metal Flame Cutting Machine

Metal flame cutting machine has large thickness carbon steel cutting ability, low cutting cost, application is mainly limited to carbon steel, large thickness sheet cutting, Shandong Buluoer Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine Development, manufacturing, sales and service of laser cutting equipment, welding equipment, CNC systems and functional components.

The trick skill of use Metal Flame Cutting Machine (1)

1. As the thickness of the plate increases, the power of the preheated flame should increase. The thicker the cutting piece, the greater the preheating flame power;

2. When using a metal flame cutter to machine thick steel plates, a mild carbonized flame should be used to prevent the upper edge of the slit from collapsing and to make the outer flame longer.

3. When a steel plate having a thickness of 200 mm or less is cut using a diffusion type cutting nozzle and an oxygen curtain cutting nozzle, the flame power is selected to be larger to accelerate the leading edge of the slit to the ignition point, thereby obtaining a higher cutting speed.

The trick skill of use Metal Flame Cutting Machine (2)

4. When a metal flame cutting machine processes a steel material having a high carbon content or a large amount of alloying elements, the preheating flame power is large due to its high ignition point. 5. When cutting the groove with a single cutting nozzle, the slag is blown to the outside of the cut to increase the flame power.

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