To Binzhou! The 12000W high-power sheet laser cutting equipment was shipped smoothly!

Due to the price-friendliness and practicality of Shandong laser cutting machines, the market share of Shandong laser cutting machines is increasing. More and more new and old customers choose Shandong optical fiber cutting machine manufacturers to purchase equipment. Small and medium power equipment is replaced with 10,000 watt power equipment, and many new customers come to choose the Shandong laser cutting machine brand.

On August 17, under the hard work of the employees of the production department of Shandong Buluoer Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Buluoer Intelligent"), the high-power sheet laser cutting machine completed the production tasks on time with quality and quantity, and strictly followed The relevant regulations have successfully completed the shipment.


"Strictly follow the production procedures, and ensure timely, quality and quantity shipments" are the words that echoed in the ears of all employees of Buluoer Intelligence. Workers must sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. As soon as the company receives an order, the company will start intensively arranging production. The production staff work together, carefully assemble, and refine production to ensure strict compliance with the Buluoer production line manufacturing quality control system specifications Standard production, production tracking for each process, to ensure that the product meets the quality inspection standards. Before shipment, each device has undergone strict quality inspection procedures from its appearance to its overall performance, and meets the factory requirements.

After the equipment is delivered to the designated location, Buluoer Intelligent professional after-sales engineers will follow up the equipment unloading, assembly, and debugging to the greatest extent to protect the rights and interests of customers, and truly ensure that customers can buy with peace of mind, use them with confidence, and use strict quality Controlled and perfect service to repay customers' trust in us.

Relying on strong corporate manufacturing and technical strength, excellent product quality and all-round considerate service, Bloor Intelligence assists the manufacturing and production of enterprises with 10,000 watts, solves problems for customers, and has been unanimously affirmed and trusted by customers, and the reputation of the industry is gradually growing.

Buluoer Intelligence will continue to pursue excellent product quality as its unchanging pursuit, and implement it in every link of equipment research and development, production and sales. While manufacturing advanced laser cutting equipment, it provides comprehensive and high-quality High-quality service, we will go to the outstanding future with our customers!

Post time: Aug-23-2021

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