Why more and more manufacturers are beginning to pursue fiber laser cutting machines

With the development and progress of science and technology, people’s life is getting faster and faster. In this era of money, people’s life and work are beginning to pursue high efficiency and accuracy, and fiber laser cutting machines can meet the high efficiency and precision pursued by various manufacturers. Accuracy.

1. High efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine: The operation of fiber laser cutting machine is simple, saving time and effort. The fiber laser cutting machine realizes fully automated production cutting. You only need to import the graphics to be cut into the dedicated cutting machine software before starting processing. The software will match the size of the material by itself, design a reasonable cutting route, and reduce material waste. At the same time, manual positioning of materials is eliminated, one person can operate multiple devices, and labor and production costs are reduced.

2. High precision of fiber laser cutting machine: The fiber laser cutting machine adopts laser operation, which can achieve high-density energy directional emission, making its cutting path small and high precision. And it adopts “non-contact processing”, which will not squeeze the material, so that the cut is not deformed, and it is smooth and burr-free. Compared with the traditional cutting, the grinding of the molding material is omitted, which saves time and effort.

With the application of fiber laser cutting machines in various industries, more and more people are beginning to come into contact with fiber laser cutting machines. Its advantages of saving time and effort are also recognized by more and more people.

Post time: Mar-10-2021

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