Do you understand the operating rules of the metal flame cutting machine

Metal flame cutting machines have a large thickness of carbon steel cutting ability, and the cutting cost is low, so it is welcomed by many metal processing manufacturers. Shandong Buluoer specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of laser cutting equipment, welding equipment, CNC systems and functional components, and provides detailed answers to the operating procedures of metal flame cutting machines

I. Before work
1. Check for leaks in each air line and valve, and check that the gas safety device is working.
2. Check whether the pressure and supply voltage of the metal flame cutting machine meet the specified requirements.

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II. At work

1. Adjust the cut steel plate and try to make it parallel to the track.
2. Select the appropriate cutting nozzle according to the thickness and material so that the cutting torch of the metal flame cutting machine is perpendicular to the steel plate.
3. According to different thickness and material, reset the cutting speed and warm-up time of the machine, and set reasonable preheating oxygen and cutting oxygen pressure.
4. Do not touch the flame area after ignition. The operator should try to protect the cutting tip with a small splash method.
5. Metal flame cutting machine manufacturers remind you to check the heating flame to cut off the oxygen jet. If the cutting tip is damaged, it should be replaced and cleaned up in time. Clean the special tool for the cutting tip application.

III. After work

1. After work, the equipment should be returned to the support position and the air valve should be closed. The residual gas in the tube should be exhausted and the power should be turned off.
2. The site should be carefully cleaned to keep the work area clean and orderly. Fourth, daily maintenance
3. Wipe and clean with 20# oil every day to keep the guide rail and transmission rack lubricated and clean;
4. Metal flame cutting machine failure and timely maintenance

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