Gather energy and set sail again—Shandong Buluoer’s 2021 target sales meeting was successfully held

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In order to deeply implement the set goals of the annual strategic plan, lay a solid foundation for the new year that is about to begin. On March 1, Buluoer held the 2021 marketing kick-off meeting and oath meeting; Shandong Jubangyuan Group Chairman Mr. Jing Fengguo, General Manager Mr. Sun Ningbo, and Buluoer  laser cutting machine manufacturer general manager and all marketing staff together To attend a meeting.

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“Soldiers and horses are not moved, food and grass go first”-Sales work is not only limited to the sales department, but also requires the strong support and cooperation of various departments. If you do not plan well, you will be passively beaten. At the meeting, General Manager Yang Jiangang reported on the 2021 The work plan also pointed out the direction for this year’s work.

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With the joint efforts of the employees, the company has achieved excellent results, and at the same time, a group of “excellent employees” have emerged in various positions; it is the purpose of Bloer to make excellent employees not suffer, and commend “excellent employees”. ; Manager Su from the domestic sales department won the “2020 Signing and Invitation” double champion, and General Manager Yang Jiangang issued a certificate of honor and item rewards to Manager Su.

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Immediately, General Manager Yang Jiangang publicized and implemented the sales system and incentive policies; signed the “Annual Sales Target Responsibility Letter” with each sales manager.

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General Manager Yang Jiangang led all marketing staff to take an oath; we sign the goal and carry the responsibility. The sales department will do everything in its power to contribute to the development of the company. All family members in the company are invited to watch our actions!

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Mr. Sun Ningbo, general manager of the group, conducts sales concept training

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At the end of the meeting, Chairman Jing Fengguo delivered a concluding speech; he encouraged Bloer employees to actively respond to new challenges, seize new opportunities, and strive to exceed the established goals of opening up the territory and to become better people.

In 2021, we have set sail, let us go hand in hand and create greater glories!

Post time: Mar-10-2021

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