No matter how busy the production is, don’t forget safety – Blore Laser held a safety responsibility implementation meeting

On February 16, 2022, in order to thoroughly implement the overall development, effectively enhance the safety production management level of the factory, and prevent and contain safety accidents. All members of Buluoer Laser participated in the safety responsibility implementation meeting organized by the group…


Sun Ningbo, the general manager of the group, gave an in-depth explanation and training on the basic knowledge of safety and environmental protection, basic rights and obligations of employees, etc.


After the training, Mr. Sun signed the “Safety Target Responsibility Letter” with the company’s safety and environmental manager, workshop leaders of various departments and front-line employees. Clarify responsibilities, strengthen responsibilities, assign safety management responsibilities to people, and implement a hierarchical responsibility management system. According to “who is in charge, who is responsible” and “who uses, who is responsible”, the coverage of responsibility implementation is 100%.


Safety and environmental protection are the foundation of all work. The signing of the letter of responsibility for organizational safety objectives is the company’s high emphasis on safety management, and it is also the responsibility of every employee of the company. Through the signing of the safety target responsibility letter, the safety awareness and sense of responsibility of all employees are improved, and the safety responsibility system goals of personnel at all levels are clarified, which is conducive to implementing the safety management policy of “safety first, prevention first”. At the same time, taking the safety target responsibility letter as an opportunity, decomposing layer by layer, implementing top-to-bottom implementation, and timely implementing the investigation, feedback and rectification of daily safety hazards will help to achieve the annual safety management goal.

Post time: Mar-04-2022

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