Pipe laser cutting machine processing speed, high precision

Pipe laser cutting machine is also called steel pipe laser cutting machine, and small laser cutting machine is different, pipe laser cutting machine is specially used to cut some metal steel pipe with a certain thickness. We all know that cutting metal steel pipes is very difficult and requires very large power and machining surfaces. The laser tube of the pipe laser cutter is an advanced gem rod laser tube, which has a very large cutting ability to the metal, and the absorption effect of the metal on this laser tube is very strong. Therefore, for the cutting of metal steel pipe, pipe laser cutting machine is an indispensable tool.



Pipe laser cutting machine is equipped with the general power of the lamp pump laser, as long as a certain processing surface, pipe laser cutting machine can cut arbitrary graphics. And pipe laser cutting machine is best suited for cutting sheet metal, and processing speed is very fast, accuracy is very high. Because the dynamic focusing device of the pipe laser cutter is followed, it can be autofocus cutting for materials of different thicknesses. Pipe laser cutter work surface is different from other cutting machine set up Vientiane wheel, which not only greatly reduces the labor force, but also facilitates loading and lowering.

Bloor plant environment


For cylinders of different diameters and directions on the supervisor, the pipe laser cutter can cross the wire hole, and can also cut the cylindrical coherent end at the end of the branch pipe, which not only meets the conditions of vertical intersection of the supervisor’s axis’s non-eccentricity and the pivot of the branch’s axis, but also meets their tilt intersection conditions. The pipe laser cutter can also cut the oblique cross-sectional face and the branch-tube coherent end head at the end of the round pipe. Whether it is the square hole on the round tube, waist-shaped hole, or the square tube surface of various graphics, you can cut at will, but also can truncate the steel pipe.

In summary, pipe laser cutting machine, whether in hardware facilities, or in the cutting method, is insurmountable, it is the first choice for metal steel cutting. And pipe laser cutting machine in the technical characteristics, application range and technical advantages, are very special.


Post time: Apr-15-2021

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